CMS3 is a respected value-added re-seller of security, quality and reliability solutions through our partnerships with industry leading tool, solution and services vendors.

We provide a complete solution for our customers through local support, deployment and integration, professional services, training and consulting. We help our customers find the right solutions for their needs and ensure that they realize the maximize business value from their deployed solutions.

Code Dx® is a software vulnerability management system that consolidates and normalizes software vulnerabilities detected by multiple static application security testing (SAST) and dynamic application security testing (DAST) tools, as well as the results of manual code reviews. Its visual analytics accelerate the finding, triage, prioritizing and fixing of software vulnerabilities to dramatically expedite remediation.

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Software Architecture Compliance. Powered by Lattix.

Find out how well the implementation of your system adheres to the system design and architecture. The design and architecture of your system is the foundation on which your system is built and will evolve. A solid base is critical to the robustness and quality of the system.

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