Introducing CMS3

CMS3 is open for business.


Channel Management Solutions Corp (CMS3) is happy to announce that we are now up and operating. We recently moved into our new facilities in Japan. We are located in the wonderful and vibrate city of Nakano in Tokyo.

First and foremost. Why CMS3?  Solutions. Services. Support.  Three crucial pillars for effective and successful  sales channels.  To be honest, we wanted to use CMS3, but that proved to be too difficult when it came to all the forms and paperwork we had to file.  Heck, even getting it into this blog post via the editor it supports, was not straight forward. So plain old “3” it is.

For the founders of CMS3, it has been a long, interesting and educational journey to get here. When we started off in the world of software development, the landscape was very different, and much smaller. From coding on plain text monochrome monitors to “everything but the kitchen sink” IDEs with multiple large flat screens. The pizza, doughnuts and pop aspect has, thankfully, endured.

Development tools have always played a key role in SW development. Good tools help us create and deliver better code.  Development technologies and platforms have multiplied. Applications have grown in scope and size in ways we would not have imagined “back in the day”.  Applications are no longer single programs. They are routinely millions of lines of code in size. As complexity has increased so have the capabilities of the tools, processes and methodologies we use.

The quality of the applications, solutions, frameworks, and systems we build has become even more important.  These lines of code that we write get compiled and linked into systems and devices that people depend on. They have to work. They have to work properly. They have to do what they are supposed to do.

The development landscape does not lack for a large selection and wide variety of tools that can help ensure that the systems being developed are of the highest quality.  These tools themselves are also complex. The CMS3 team has spent many years (I don’t want to date ourselves here, but at least one of us remembers programing on punch cards) working with and representing some of the leading development,  testing and quality tools on the market.

We will continue to grow our expertise in these areas, as we grow the CMS3 team to effectively and efficiently help our clients bring their innovative and leading technologies  to their valued customers in the APAC market.

It will be an interesting ride. We are looking forward to it.